Crockfords Tower: An experience money can’t buy

Updated 10 July 2016:
Crockfords Tower is now available for public booking. You can book online or contact our Butler.

Remember our post on The Palace? It may be the biggest super suite in Resorts World Sentosa, but it is not the sole invitation-only hotel. Its “rival’ is none other than Crockfords Tower.

crockfords tower

Similarly, there are no rack rates here. Which means no invitation, no stay. Simply put, you need to be on our “little black book” of VIPs to get your foot in to one of the 120 suites, mansions and villas. But today, we’re “teleporting” you via words and pictures, straight into the heart of the top two categories of suites at Crockfords Tower: the mansions and villas.

The Mansions: magic mirrors and Arabian nights

Dressed in stately dark wood, every spacious mansion is fitted out in master architect Michael Graves’ signature style of rich reds and gold fabrics.

High ceiling adds to the grandeur of the living room (Top) Master bedroom (bottom left) and secondary bedroom (bottom right) are located at opposite ends of the Mansion.
High ceiling adds to the grandeur of the living room (Top)
Master bedroom (bottom left) and secondary bedroom (bottom right) are located at opposite ends of the Mansion.

The bathroom is paved with classic marble flooring, and comes replete with a personal steam room and a “magic mirror” that doubles as a TV screen when it is not in use.

Mirror mirror on the wall. What's on TV now?
Mirror mirror on the wall. What’s on TV now?

Too tired to lift a finger? Get a butler to prepare a bath of your choice.

Mansion bath menu

Here’s the biggest secret about the mansions: to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our very special guests, a section of the master bedroom is decorated in one of four themes: Oriental Beauty, Japanese Dreams, Arabian Nights and Disco Fever.

Mansion themes

The Villas: it’s a rich man’s world

The crème de la crème suites at Crockfords Tower are none other than The Villas. Each of these 228 square metres of classic luxury is clad in timeless earth tones, accentuated with subtle sheens of gold. Apart from three lavish bedrooms, there is also a spa treatment room, private lounge pool and a complete karaoke system in the living room.

Tan-perfect by day, romantic by night
Tan-perfect by day, romantic by night

The “magic” mirror-TV are also found in the marble-clad bathrooms.

Villa bath

Need a massage now? Just call your butler.

Villa spa

do u know

As you are probably aware, Crockfords Tower offers 24-hour butler service to all guests. Here are some interesting things our butlers have done for guests – and they are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Buy nasi lemak, gado-gado and durians from Johor Bahru
  • Bring them bottles of Louis XIII de Remy Martin or Cristal Champagne, both of which are among the most expensive liquors in the world
  • Get the kitchen to prepare premium Belgium caviar which costs a few thousand dollars per small spoonful
  • Coordinate with restaurants to prepare exotic dishes like the Empurau fish, which is among the world’s costliest fresh water fish

If you have a chance to stay at Crockfords Tower, what would you ask the butler to get you? Share with us in the comments below.

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