Lunar New Year snacks calorie count guide

Ever wondered how much calories hide in your Chinese New Year snack? We gathered information from the Health Promotion Board so you can plan your Chinese New Year feasting properly.

how fattening is cny snacks

Pineapple tarts: 5 of these sweet cookies contain 410 calories. That takes 55 minutes of running to burn off.

Pork bak kwa: 1 of these sinfully delightful slice has 370 calories. Put on your walking shoes for it’ll take 100 minutes of brisk walking to shed that.

Mini shrimp rolls: 10 of the fried mini shrimp rolls has 228 calories. Skip this treat or you’ll be skipping rope for 25 minutes.

Love letters: 5 love letters equates to 280 calories. Translation = go ahead and do an hour of non-stop push-ups to slough it off.

Fried nian gao: 2 slices of fried nian gao has 380 calories. Just 50 minutes of non-stop sit-ups to negate that. Easy-peasy.

Kueh lapis: 2 slices of kueh lapis weighs in with 294 calories. Work that off with roughly 65 minutes of shuttlecock wizardry.

Yu Sheng: 1 serving of Yu Sheng has a whopping 561 calories. Which will be expended after 4 hours of vigorous housework.

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