(Quiz) Which Cinderella character are you?

Before Cinderella, A Fairly True Story makes it debut at Resorts World Sentosa, here’s a fun way to learn more about the main characters – find out which Cinderella character you are. Ready for some fairly true character assessment?

Who’s who

Have you found out which character you are? Here’s the full list of who’s who in Cinderella, A Fairly True Story:



You are a fighter with a heart of gold who lives by the motto “Good things come to those who wait”. Hardly anything can get you down, whether it is a nasty witch or losing your Louboutins. But sometimes, you can be too kind that others will not hesitate to take advantage of you. Try not to be a pushover, ok sweetie?


Mother (Cinderella’s Mother)


There is so much love in you that you can pretty much melt metal with pure kindness. You are constantly offering support to those in need, and that completes you. Everywhere you go, you leave a trail of heart-shaped bubbles. The world needs more people like you.

You are Furiosa (Cinderella’s stepmother)


You are convinced that money and power make the world go round. Some may think you are too materialistic, but they obviously do not understand the difference between truffles and mushrooms. That said, it doesn’t hurt to lighten up once in a while, and perhaps learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

You are Grimella (Cinderella’s stepsister #1)

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story
Meet the stepsisters

You are not someone to mess with because you believe what goes around comes around. When you are not hatching your next sinister plan, you are checking out the next It bag. You don’t take No for an answer, unless it is your mum or boss.

You are Distressa (Cinderella’s stepsister #2)


Sometimes you’re a little awkward and clumsy, and other times you can be spoilt and bossy. You are a child at heart and will do anything to get that last slice of rainbow cake. But whatever you do, remember this: life is more fun when you smile 🙂

You are Prince Harry George William Archibald Nicholas Philip Alexander Charles James Andrew Daniel the First (Cinderella’s prince charming)

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story
Prince Harry George William Archibald Nicholas Philip Alexander Charles James Andrew Daniel the First

You are a dreamer and a blessed soul who does not take things for granted. When it comes to matters of the heart, you believe in love at first sight, and scouring the globe for the one who got away. In the end, your charm and persistence will pay off.

You are the Reporter (Cinderella’s “adviser”)

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story
The Reporter

You are a realist and a sceptic. If you want something, you make it happen. You tell yourself and everyone else that there is no free lunch in this world, let alone fairy godmothers.



Cinderella, A Fairly True Story tickets


Date: 10 Dec 2015 – 4 Jan 2016
Show Times: Thu: 7pm
Fri – Mon: 2pm and 7pm (no show on Tue and Wed)
Venue: Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Premium Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3
Adult – Standard S$168 S$138 S$108 S$78
Child1 (4 to 12 years old) S$118 S$97 S$76 S$55
Senior2(60 years old and above) S$143 S$117 S$92 S$66

1Child must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult.
2Senior must present valid ID upon purchase and at the theatre entrance for verification.

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Promotions for Cinderella, A Fairly True Story

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Cinderella Family Package

Family Package A @ S$309 (U.P. S$373)
▸ Cat 1 tickets for 2 Adults and 1 Child1
▸ Additional Child tickets at S$80 each

Family Package B @ S$258 (U.P. S$292)
▸ Cat 2 tickets for 2 Adults and 1 Child1
▸ Additional Child tickets at S$60 each

1Child ticket is valid for children aged 4 to 12 years old only. No upgrade of child tickets to adult tickets allowed.

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Universal Studios Singapore after 5pm Admission with Cinderella Cat 3 Ticket (Fri – Mon, 2pm only) at S$84. Terms & conditions apply.

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