10 chocolatey treats you must try at Universal Studios Singapore

If you love chocolate, you will enjoy the Chocolate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore – a mix of icy treats and unusual choc-infused dishes found at various dining outlets throughout the park.

From now till 28 May 2017, here are some top picks, for when you need to take a break from Singapore’s scorching heat.

1. Chocolate and Banana Snow

Chocolate Banana & Snow
Banana slices, peanut crunch, sliced almonds and a scoop of chocolate ice cream sit atop fluffy bingsu ice. Mmm…

How much: $15
Get it from: Gloria’s Snack Shack

2. Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Waffle

Hot fluffy waffle topped with two scoops of chocolaty ice cream and a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce. Double yum.

How much: $15
Get it from: Goldilocks

3. Chocolate and Banana Tortilla

Sweet, crispy, icy and chocolaty all at once. A very refreshing combination of taste and texture.

How much: $12
Get it from: Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

4. Chocolate Sundae

chocolate sundae
Icy, swirly and sweetened with mini marshmallows.

How much: $7
Get it from: Friar’s

5. Double Chocolate Mini Melts

star dots yogurt
A less guilty option with yogurt soft serve and white and milk chocolate mini melts. An icy, sour-ish treat to put that bounce back in your feet.

How much: $7
Get it from: Star Dots

If you really love chocolate, pick up the Sweet Tooth Package: for just $20, you can choose any 3 of the above items (as well as selected shakes).

6. Japanese Chocolate Curry

Mildly spicy Japanese curry with a chocolaty twist. Oishii!

How much: $15
Get it from: Discovery Food Court and Starbot Cafe

7. Chocolate La Mian

Oriental noodles in a thick chocolate infused broth. An East-meets-West creation.

How much: $12
Get it from: Hollywood China Bistro

8. Crispy Chicken with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Who knew fried chicken and chocolate would make such a tasty match? A must try!

How much: $9
Get it from: Friar’s

9. Nutella & Cheese Fries

Cheese fries? Yum. Nutella and cheese fries? Double yum!

How much: $6
Get it from: Fossil Fuels and Mel’s Drive-in

10. 3-course Chocolate Meal

KT's Grill
(Clockwise from left) Pork Belly with Spicy Dark Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Lava Cake and Pan Seared Halibut Fillet with Vegetables in White Chocolate Butter Cream Sauce.

How much: $45
Get it from: KT’s Grill

When you’re in the park, keep a lookout for the Chocolate Man wearing this special chocolate badge. Just go up to him or her to receive a mystery gift.

Chocolate Man
When you find him, shout “Got you! You are the Choco Man!”

Ready for your Chocolate Adventure? Hurry down to Universal Studios Singapore by 28 May 2017. Get your tickets here.

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