[CHALLENGE] Make hot chocolate soup at home

Osia's Hot Valrhona Chocolate Soup
Osia’s Hot Valrhona Chocolate Soup

Sometimes, making a gift instead of buying one off the shelves feel a little more sincere, simply because of the additional time and effort put into creating it. We think so too, which is why we jumped at the chance when celebrity chef Scott Webster of Osia kindly offered to teach us how to make his signature dessert: Hot Valrhona Chocolate Soup.

Here’s how to make this Valentine’s Day exceptionally sweet.First, watch how Chef Scott teach Danny, the Singaporean contestant from reality show The Big Break whip up this sensuous dessert.


Makes soup for 2 pax

Chocolate mix:
70 gm – butter, unsalted
50 gm – milk chocolate, jivara (Valrhona Chocolate)
25 gm – dark chocolate, manjari (Valrhona Chocolate)
40 gm – cocoa powder

50gm – Sugar, fine
40gm – Honey
40gm – Pasteurized egg yolk
160gm – Creme fraiche

60 gm – Pasteurized egg white
50 gm – sugar, fine

(You can get Valrhona chocolates from : http://www.euraco.com.sg/)

3 metal bowls
1 pot for water bath
1 spatula
2 small bowls – ensure that they can withstand baking
electric whisk

Step 1: Combine the butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and cocoa powder in a bowl. Over a water bath, melt the butter and chocolate while stirring till smooth.

Step 2: For the paste, mix the sugar, honey, egg yolk and creme fraiche thoroughly. Add to the chocolate mix and stir the mixture till nicely blended.

Step 3: To make the meringue, whip the egg whites with the sugar till stiff. Add to the chocolate paste and fold the mixture till nicely blended.

Step 4: Scoop into small bowls and bake it at 150 degrees for 10 mins. Remove and let cool for a while, but best served when still warm.

Step 5: If serving later, put in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 3 min

Step 6: Serve with pepper ice-cream on the side and enjoy the sweet treat with your special someone

If you’re hankering after hot chocolate soup done by the pros, drop by Osia.

“Who’s The Chef?” is a brand new video series where chefs from Resorts World Sentosa teach you how to whip up delectable dishes. Next episode: We bring you to Forest restaurant and show you how to impress Mum on Mother’s Day.

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