First taste of our Celebrity Yule Log Cakes

This year, Resorts World Sentosa upped the log cake game five-fold with this set of five mini log cakes specially created by our celebrity chef restaurants.

Celebrity Yule Log Cake
From left: SANTA by Forest, FESTIVE by Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, MERRY by Fratelli, HOLLY by Syun and NOEL by Osia.

At first glance, the dainty palm-size cakes look too adorable to be eaten. As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. Let’s find out if that is true.

Celebrity Yule Log Cake
As a fan of Szechuan mala hotpots, Noel was naturally first on my list. Instead of a fiery bravado, my taste buds were teased by a faint, familiar flavour of Szechuan pepper and mandarin orange which paired surprisingly well with the light chocolate fudge. This unexpectedly pleasing combination will be quite a talking point during your party, but may not score brownie points with Szechuan mala ‘purists’.

Celebrity Yule Log Cake
Green tea cakes are dime a dozen. But this one takes the cake with its zesty hint of yuzu, bits of fragrant osmanthus jelly and a smooth green tea flavour that is neither too ‘grassy’ nor milky. Another winner from my favourite restaurant in the Resort, and a crowd favourite among those who have tried it.

Celebrity Yule Log Cake
Unlike its traditional cousin, this fruity spin of the tiramisu is much lighter on the palate with wild Italian Amarena cherry, mango custard and moist orange sponge. It’s like replacing snow-capped pine trees with raintrees and Christmas baubles. A tropical twist that hits all the right spots.

Celebrity Yule Log Cake
Kumquat confit brings to mind marmalade. So I was expecting this cake to be pretty rich in flavour. But this cheery looking number caught me off-guard with its refreshing citrusy taste. The kumquat confit cream and glaze are beautifully contrasted with crushed cashew nut white chocolate nougat for added crunch and a lingering nutty aroma.

Celebrity Yule Log Cake
I can’t handle the sweetness of caramel so it was with much caution that I tried this cake – which surprised me on many levels. While the sea salt wasn’t prominent, the milk chocolate and caramel tangoed perfectly with the right amount of sweetness. Just when I thought I was only chewing on crushed peanuts, popping candy started dancing in my mouth. Very creative, pretty addictive.

In Summary

If you’re tired of cloyingly rich creams and would like to try a different flavour (or five), you’ll love these fluffy log cakes dressed in light creams and a touch of whimsy.

Each box of RWS Celebrity Yule Log Cakes is priced at $80+. Available from 1 – 31 December 2016 (12pm – 8pm) at The Rock Bar, located at Hard Rock Hotel lobby. For enquiries, call 6577 6688 or email

* snowflakes are for decorative purposes only

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