Top 10 celebrity sightings at RWS in 2015

You don’t have to be in Hollywood to be able to gawk at celebrities.

Celebrity visits to Resorts World Sentosa are usually kept a secret–until after they happen. Like any good hotelier, we keep our guest list close to our heart. Even so, lucky visitors who happen to be in the right place at the right time may get a glimpse of their favourite celebrities.

If you are into celebrity spotting (a hobby similar to but more challenging than skygazing), here’s a treat. We trawled through our photos and bring you the top 10 list (in no order of importance) of famous stars caught on camera at Resorts World Sentosa in 2015.

1. Katy Perry

katy perry seaa
She glided in and out of the S.E.A. Aquarium in effortless style, and all the fish flocked to her when she struck this pose. Maybe she was a mermaid in her past life.

2. Jackie Chan, Jonathan Lee and Wakin Chou

This trio were in the resort for a charity show. We heard the crowd had lots of fun. Looking at this picture though, it looks like these three have the most fun.

3. Jolin Tsai

True Love's kiss? Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai gives it a try at Dolphin Island.
We find Jolin Tsai totally at home with our dolphins at Dolphin Island. Maybe this is True Love’s kiss.

4. David De Gea

Score! Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea was here in June. What you didn’t see in the picture is a team of people forming a chain, keeping fans at bay so we could bring you this shot!

5. S.H.E.

The threesome brightened up our day with their cheeful disposition and sunny smiles.

6. JJ Lin with Da Mouth

Universal Studios Singapore
JJ Lin and Harry from Da Mouth trying their darndest to look laidback when they visited in August, who carries the relaxed look better?

7. Anggun

Asia’s Got Talent judge Anggun is too happy to take a break from her judging duties in July. That or the thought of visiting Universal Studios Singapore puts her in a celebratory mood. Why wouldn’t it?

8. Miriam Yeung

Hong Kong singer/actress Miriam Yeung stops by USS before her show at Resorts World Theatre.
We checked. Hong Kong singer/actress Miriam Yeung wasn’t born in the 80’s, although she sure looks it. She was in town recently for a concert at the Resorts World Theatre.

9. Caesar Milan

No doggies here to train when Dog Whisperer Ceasar Milan dropped by USS.
Dog Whisperer Caesar Milan took a break from being with his little furry pals and made a date with Battlestar Galactica when he was in town earlier this year.

10. Jacky Wu

Were you at Adventure Cove Waterpark when Taiwanese host Jacky Wu filmed his TV show?
Were you at Adventure Cove Waterpark when Taiwanese host Jacky Wu filmed his TV show?

If there’s one “stalking” tip we can dispense, it’s that stars are most likely to dress down for a day out at the resort, so keep an eagle eye out.

Lastly, it’s pretty clear that the Universal Studios Singapore globe is the hotspot for celebrity spotting. We don’t recommend camping there with a tripod but if there’s any place with an off chance to catch any stars around, this is it.


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