Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead

With more than 13,000 employees, Resorts World Sentosa sports a range of jobs that are almost as diverse as the fishes you’ll find at its S.E.A. Aquarium.

To help unravel the mystery of what goes into running a holiday destination that has (almost) everything you’d want while on a holiday, here’s the Career Spotlight series.RWS CAREERS WARDROBE

Every first week of the month, come back for a glimpse at what one of Resorts World Sentosa’s jobs is like – and perhaps see if there is a career there for you.

This February, we’re highlighting the Universal Studios Singapore Wardrobe Team Lead, part of the team who is tasked with taking care of 170,000 uniform pieces for the whole Resort.

If there is a job at Resorts World Sentosa with the job scope of a fairy godmother, it is the Wardrobe team.

Sporting a “magical” scanner, lots of energy and plenty of heart, this team of fairy godparents ensure that the uniforms are properly fitted, ironed, mended and accounted for.

Since I am usually a fashion disaster , I was hoping that being with the Wardrobe team might help my fashion sense. Of course, I failed to take into account that I was going to be with the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Wardrobe team where the most outlandish uniforms exist. Showing me the ropes was team lead Aloysius Lim.

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
My guide for the day, Aloysius Lim, showing how to control the conveyor belts.

Aloysius showed me the conveyor belts where clean employee uniforms are hung. Outside, employees only need to tap their ID and the belt would automatically move to the right slot for them to collect their clean uniforms.

Garment bags are included for employees to store their personal clothes while they are wearing uniforms for their duties.

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
Picking out uniform from the conveyor belt.

Sizing up new hires

There are also rows and rows of new uniforms waiting for new hires.

A new guy came in for a fitting while I was there. After the seamstress sized the new hire up, I went with Aloysius to pick out the uniform.

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
Picking out the right uniform size.

Just like Goldilocks who takes three tries, it took me three times before I found the right size for the new hire. Aloysius then passed him the other parts of the Fossil Fuel uniform–a cap and an apron–before the new hire went off to his duties.

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
Finally, we found a uniform that is just right.

Tracking uniforms with a magic “wand”

Since mid-2014, the Wardrobe team installed a new tracking system which made their jobs easier.

With the handheld scanner, I could quickly track how many items were returned from the laundry without needing to count them individually. I had to be careful not to point it at the other clothes though or else it would be recorded into the system too.

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
Scanning the uniforms with the help of a magic wand.

Airing dirty laundry

Picking up worn uniform is part of the Wardrobe team’s duty too. Clothes that go through the clothes chute end up in canvas trolleys.

The team then has to go through the (hopefully not very) dirty clothes to see if they require mending. Any faulty clothing will be marked for mending after they have been washed

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
Collecting laundry from the laundry chute.

Dirty laundry from USS goes into blue bags. The external laundry company then picks up these clothes for cleaning.

Jobs at RWS: Wardrobe Team Lead
Picking up laundry to be washed.

After a few hours with the team, I was exhausted but happy. It  was really fun zipping around the Wardrobe area, learning about the different types of uniforms and how to take care of them.

If you’re looking for a job that helps others put their best foot forward, you’ll fit right in the Wardrobe team.

This blogpost was adapted from an earlier article published in RWS’s staff magazine aRWSome.

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