BlueSG electric cars: a convenient, affordable and green way to get to RWS

We are pleased to announce that visitors may now drive to, park at/charge and pick up the iconic BlueSG electric cars from Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)! This partnership between BlueSG and RWS is a timely response to BlueSG users calling for charging points to be made available at RWS, and marks an important milestone in RWS’s journey toward sustainability.


What is BlueSG?

In a nutshell, BlueSG is a 24/7 self-service car sharing platform with vehicles that run purely on electricity.

This then begs the question: with so many ways to get to RWS, why should you choose BlueSG?


For starters, BlueSG is available for pickup and return across 90 stations with a total of over 350 charging points. In other words, there’s bound to be one near you!

Free parking

Parking is free when you park at one of the four BlueSG parking lots/charging points located right across the taxi stand at Basement One Driveway (tip: just make sure you don’t enter any gantry). You are strongly encouraged to reserve your BlueSG parking lot at RWS before the start of your journey. In the event that your reserved parking lot is occupied, contact BlueSG’s Customer Relations Center at +6531637800.

Pay only for what you use

Unlike traditional car rentals, BlueSG works on a one-way rental system. This means that you won’t be paying any rental for the duration in which the car is parked at the aforementioned charging station. You also needn’t worry about not being able to get a car after your day at RWS just because it’s a one-way rental – BlueSG allows for advance pickup and return reservations.

Green mode of transportation

With no noise pollution, no direct carbon dioxide emissions and odour, this partnership with BlueSG demonstrates RWS’s commitment towards embracing green technology and reducing carbon footprint.

Watch this instructional video by BlueSG for a step-by-step guide on how you can return or pick-up your BlueSG car at RWS:

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