Bloggers review LightSeeker

The fantasy musical that tells a story of good versus evil with a twist, opened on 28 Nov to generally positive reception – with some exceptions.

A review in The Straits Times panned it, with a headline of “Acrobatics light up cheesy show”. Still, there were some redeeming points. The reviewer felt that the second half of the musical was much better, “with stunts and acrobatics on trampolines and suspended ropes, which were truly impressive”. Still, ouch!

LightSeeker Acrobatics

Bloggers who have watched it were less scathing, with a mix of what they liked and disliked.

Dejiki, having watched the previous two shows (Voyage de la Vie and Incanto), felt that “LightSeeker clearly attempts a more fleshed-out narrative. It is far more complex but still mirrors the clichéd tale of metaphorical soul-searching and that ‘it’s always within you’ speech”. He thinks, with some edits and tweaks, it “could be one of the most remarkable local productions yet”.

Walter from Cooler Insights echoed Dejiki, saying that LightSeeker is “musically more accomplished than the prior two efforts”. He liked the sets and special effects but felt the costumes too garish. On the songs by Dick Lee, Walter said: “While it isn’t in the same league as Fried Rice Paradise or Forbidden City, its songs are nonetheless fairly pleasing”. Of the performers: “Its Broadway and West End trained actors and actresses are certainly more polished in their performance, particularly the leads playing The General, Nova, and Usha.”


Jacinta of jaznotabi had her favourites but at the top of her list is the ‘Ceremonial Gardens’ scene where “The Priest (Chris Clark) started to sing (and) coupled with Sarah’s brilliant vocals, this was the highlight of the show for me and it was definitely my favourite scene of the night!”


If you don’t like to read long reviews, check out Jade’s version of a 5-paragraph review. She felt the musical had similarities to Avatar – which, considering how well Avatar did at the movie theatres…

Will it appeal to kids?

Wendy Shen (RachRella) who watched LightSeeker with her daughter loved how “the musical was AWESOME (her daughter) loved it so much and couldn’t stop jabbering about it. The song ‘The Light Within’ is truly inspirational and motivational, I have the tune somehow imbedded into my mind and can’t shake it off”.

The Imps

Rachel Yap wrote on The Smart Local: “On the whole, I felt this musical was a visual spectacle which was also really family-friendly. Perfect for an enchanting and entertaining night for children who would just stare in awe at the amazing acrobatic acts and live action.”

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