The lowdown on Biffy Clyro: 5 interesting facts

Following their mega-hit album “Puzzle”, which catapulted Biffy Clyro from mere Scottish tongue twister to global superstardom, there’s been a constant buzz about them and whatever they strum turns to award-winning gold.

Biffy Clyro concert

Fresh from their recent spectacular headline shows at T In The Park and Isle of Wight festivals, the band are set to take Singapore by storm in a one-night only show.

Here are 5 gold-plated nuggets of information about the terrific trio to prep you for their upcoming gig.

  1. The band, famous for performing shirtless, has pledged to continue doing so, even into old age.
  2. Lead vocalist and guitarist Simon Neil’s biggest fear is a bit of a strange one: labels sticking out of people’s clothes.
  3. While making their 2013 album “Opposites” in the US, the band worked out that they had eaten over 100 chickens at California’s Chicken Café by the time they had finished recording the 20-song album.
  4. To fuel their high-octane concerts, often lasting over an hour, the band will religiously eat a large bowl of pasta each before every gig.
  5. While touring the American east coast in 2013, the band took a fan up on her offer to host a gig in her basement for just 25 people. They later described it as one of their best ever shows.

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The Gathering with Biffy Clyro – Live in Singapore!

Biffy Clyro will be performing at The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore on 15 September.

Get ready for your world to be rocked by one of Scotland’s greatest rock bands!

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