Best of 5: Laura Fygi

Laura Fygi at Resorts World Sentosa

It’s easy to forget that Laura Fygi is a Dutch songstress, the polyglot songbird has recorded in several languages before.  As we look forward to be swept away by her vocals on 18 Dec for a one-night concert at Resorts World Theatre, here’s getting to know the sultry Miss Fygi a little better.

  1. Croaking Voice?

Despite being Dutch, Laura Fygi had never recorded any songs in Dutch before. When asked, she had jokingly explained her mother tongue sounded like “throat cancer”.

  1. The five tongues of Laura Fygi

You know that she has recorded songs in different languages, but just how much of a linguist is she? To date, Fygi has recorded albums in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

  1. A  Mandarin album

Inspired by the rapturous reception to which renditions of Mandarin pop classics were greeted at her concerts in this part of the world, Fygi released an album last year titled ‘Flower’, of which four tracks were sung in Mandarin- including  Asian favourites like ‘New Endless Love’ (新不了情) and ‘Lover’s Tears’ (情人的眼淚).

  1. A  Disco Queen

Before she became the Jazz icon we know now, Fygi started off as a member in a popular all girls Dutch band called Centerfold in the 1980s. The band dressed in sexy lingerie during performances and were a big hit in the Netherlands and Europe. Their fame even spread to Japan.

  1. Victor/ Victoria

Apart from singing our favourite Jazz tunes, Fygi can add stage actress to her long list of credits. She once starred as the lead in the comedy musical Victor/ Victoria in the Singapore production of the musical in 2009.

Catch Laura Fygi live at Resorts World Theatre on 18 December 2013. Grab your tickets at  SISTIC if you haven’t yet!


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