Best of 5: We the Kings

The unassuming alternative pop-rock quartet wow fans with their high-energy live performances. Formed in 2005, they made their mark with the platinum single ‘Check Yes Juliet’ from their self-titled debut album in 2007, and haven’t looked back since.


The foursome would be in town on 4 June for a one night concert at the Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, and here to get you excited about their upcoming gig are five facts about We the Kings.

  1. How it started

Apart from their passion of music, another driving force for them to start the band was Jimmy Eat World.

Lead singer Travis Clark went to a Jimmy Eat World concert once, and the crowd’s adoring screams from female fans during the performance of ‘The Middle’ convinced him that being a rock star is what he wanted to do. “I want to start a band because I want a girlfriend really bad.” They started the band the next day.

  1. What’s in a Name?

Turns out naming the band was a no brainer. All four band members went to the same school- King Middle School, and decided to pay homage to the school by naming their band after it.

  1. Are you wearing me?

Lead singer Travis Clark has his own clothing line called the King Travis Clothing. If you like colourful casual wear, check it out.

  1. Love Songs Galore

Fans of the band would know that We the Kings are full of love songs. When questioned, Clark confessed that being a hopeless romantic, he writes what he knows best.

  1. On the Road

Did you know: back in 2005, We the Kings went on their first tour with the then unknown Boys Like Girls. In fact, the group of four supported Boys Like Girls on their UK Tour.

Can’t get enough of them? Then remember to catch them at the Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore at the resort on 4 June!

And for now, we leave your with their platinum hit single, Check Yes Juliet:

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