How to beat the heat at Resorts World Sentosa

Let’s face it; life in the tropics is rather muggy. Uncomfortably so at the best of times, oppressively let’s-just-stay-indoors at its worst.

Based on statistics from National Environment Agency, April is the warmest month of the year. This year, we can expect temperatures to reach 34 degrees Celsius in the afternoon in the second half of April.

But why let the sun rain on your parade? Here are some great ways to have fun at Resorts World Sentosa even as the sun blazes brilliantly overhead.

Cool off at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure River at Adventure Cove Waterpark

If for you, nothing trumps a hot spell than by getting soaked, then head on down to Singapore’s best waterpark at Adventure Cove Waterpark (well, we are biased!).

From thrilling waterslides like Riptide Rocket – the region’s first hydro-magnetic coaster – to snorkeling with fishes and rays, it promises to be endless splashes of fun with family and friends (at least until the park closes and you have to go home)!

Get wet, get tanned, and get to scream your lungs out.

Chill at S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium majestic manta ray

For a slightly more cerebral experience, head over to the S.E.A. Aquarium. Start with a trip through Asia’s rich maritime history at The Maritime Experiential Museum and survive a shipwreck at the 3-D Typhoon Theatre before you hit the big one. Go slack-jawed at more than 100,000 marine animals

Go slack-jawed at more than 100,000 marine animals across 49 different habitats, each one as fascinating as the next, at the Aquarium proper. All in air-conditioned splendour might we add.

Get wet at the water features

Water feature at Resorts World Sentosa

To those simply strolling around the Resort, you might come across these ‘Fountains of Youth’ (not their real names). Water spouts out in cadences, casting almost a rhythmic spell. Once you’ve got the patterns down pat, time your runs to either avoid the jets of water or to catch them all.

Anyway, we call them the Fountains of Youth because it’s really something only kids should do (imagine adult frolicking, no wait, don’t, no too late, we are sorry to put this image in your head). But if you have little ones, let them loose here. They’ll burn through their days’ worth of screaming and energy, and leave you in peace afterwards (we hope). Bring a change of clothes.

Take a cool sip at The Forum

The Forum at Resorts World Sentosa

If you need a quick escape from the sun, head to The Forum. Centrally located within a short distance from all our major attractions, this place is covered by a special ETFE canopy layer, which is said to reflect most of sun’s heat away.

Coupled with judicious use of the eco-coolers (the round holes you see in the photo above), they keep the heat and humidity at comfortable levels. While you are here, check out the many F&B outlets lining its ‘street’ (both levels) – like NamNam Noodle Bar, Din Tai Fung, and BaliThai.

Now, if you’re wondering how to beat the heat in Universal Studios Singapore, that’s a post for another day. Just because the sun’s out doesn’t mean fun’s out too. Hope these tips help.

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