At last, they take flight!

Nearly 3 Years in the making
A story of how love

Premiering at WaterFront, Resorts World Sentosa

25 Dec 2010

Inspired by the myth found in most folk lore of how love can magically transforms inanimate forms into life, in this case, 2 mechanical cranes into real birds engaged in a seamless ballet.

So why cranes you may ask? Well…it’s in their blood! All 15 species of cranes, down to the chicks, love to shake it! Not forgetting, the beautiful mating dance ritual they whip up to get hitched. Yes, we know, many birds do that. But the combination of the cranes’ size, elegance of moves and the way they spread their wings whilst taking flight sets them apart from the rest.As if that doesn’t convince you enough,

famed four-time Emmy Award-winning designer, Jeremy Railton, steps it up a notch. Mimicking the cranes’ graceful courtship moves with the artistic combination of groundbreaking audio and visual technologies, Railton and his team casts two 30-metres-tall (that’s nearly 10-storeys high!) steel cranes in the world’s largest 10-minute long animatronics of water illusion and play of lights.


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