[NEWS] aRWSome Apprenticeship (Culinary)

aRWSome Apprentices during one of the Culinary track hands-on sessions

The aRWSome Apprenticeship is part of RWS Cares – an RWS Corporate Social Responsibility programme with fives key areas of focus: Children, aRWSome Volunteers, Responsible Gambling, Environment and Society.

The aRWSome Apprenticeship programme targets youths-at-risk, and draws on RWS’s expertise and resources by having  its management provide mentorship and training in culinary, hospitality, and performing arts to these youths in the hope that they would find a meaningful path.

2011 saw the launch of the aRWSome Apprenticeship programme with kids enrolling in the Culinary track. There, they learnt how to be chefs followed later in the year by learning the other part of F&B operations – engaging with guests.

If you are keen to find out more about aRWSome Apprenticeship, visit our website.

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