aRWSome Apprenticeship 2011 Culinary Take 2: That’s a wrap!

For two weeks, our hardworking young Apprentices greeted and served customers, tended to the cashier and cleared trays (all with a smile), which is why their ‘graduation’ on December 5 was an important affair.

Stationed at their various F&B outlets for one last time, I caught up with some of them as they awaited guest-of-honour Minister of State for National Development and Manpower Tan Chuan Jin. I could feel their excitement about the graduation as they showered praises and words of gratitude on their team mates and mentors, and were already looking forward to a future of working here next time. Here’s a look at how their graduation unfolded.


Making rounds to visit all the apprentices at their attached restaurants. From left: RWS Senior VP for HR & Training Seah Ee Boon, Minister of State for National Development and Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin, RWS CEO Tan Hee Teck, RWS Senior VP for Communications Krist Boo.


Apprentices at Hollywood China Bistro, Li Theng and Shu Zhen are the picture of sunny smiles.


True to being polished service staff, our apprentices are poised and ready to answer any queries.


Heading into Casa Del Wild for lunch.


Sharing a laugh while taking orders.



When asked how his sister Callie fared as a server, Javen, 10, said “89%!”. Asked where the remaining 11% went to, all he did was give a cheeky smile and said “Dunno!” Siblings – they live to agitate.


Focus! Huddled around a senior mentor for words of service advice.


Proud families lend their support and encouragement.


Our aRWSome apprentices and their certificates of achievement.


A little reward for all their hard work: a spin on EVAC!

All in all the day ended with a bang. And even though it’s been a whirlwind two weeks, the apprenticeship has left a deep impression:

“It’s been good! I’ll be coming back after school so there are no last words to say, really. Everything that I’m taught here will be very applicable.” – Vicknesh


“I have learned quite a lot; didn’t expect to learn bussing, serving, and how to operate a cashier. I was quite worried that I would do something wrong but everyone was helpful and showed me how to do things step by step.” – Mohd Ikel


“I had encounters with countless guests and every one of them is a valuable experience to me.” – Melissa (left)


“Whenever I made a mistake, my team mates teach me instead of being hard on me. My manager is understanding, and everyone here is very friendly. Uncle William here is like a father to me.” – Dong Hai

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