aRWSome Apprenticeship 2011, Culinary Take 2: Expectations

The inaugural aRWSome Apprenticeship in June saw the first group of Apprentices learning the ropes from a team of RWS chefs. Part of these apprentices will now join another group of our F&B team at RWS itself for the second part of their Culinary Apprenticeship.

Starting Nov 21 and taking place over two weeks, the 11 Apprentices will learn the other part of the culinary business – the things that happen outside the kitchen, but are equally important for a complete guest’s experience.

We talked to two of the Apprentices, Vicknesh Roshan and Ernest Ooi Jun Lin from Swiss Cottage Secondary School to find out what they expect to take away from this experience.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you like?

Vicknesh: I love to solve problems. In school, my favourite subject is Mathematics.

Ernest: I love science as it is very adventurous and interesting. I also love food and nutrition; I love to cook. Eating healthy is an important part of my life.

Ernest (middle) and his friends putting cleanliness first like professionals.

2. Why did you choose to take part in the Apprenticeship? What are you future career goals?

V: I want to learn new skills, knowledge and make new friends while I am taking part in the apprenticeship. In the future, I would like to be a doctor. But if that does not work out I would love to be a chef and open up my own restaurant.

E: I join the apprenticeship to gain more experience that might help me in my future career. I would like to be a defense science researcher or a chef.


3. Tell us about your first Apprenticeship experience with the chefs. 

V: From the first apprenticeship session with the chefs, I picked up new recipes and skills that I can use. Also, I learn to work well together with my fellow peers and how to lead them.

E: I learnt how to work better in a team as well as how to be more patient with each other. I picked up many different new dishes and was able to experience how to is like to work in a kitchen.

Vicknesh has the focus and dedication of a full time chef.

4. This time, what do you think you’ll be doing for the next two weeks? What do you hope to learn?

V: Well I hope to learn new skills that I can use in the future – such as learning how to serve customers and how to manage a team and a restaurant.

E: I hope that we could work more in the kitchens, where the expert chefs could guide us in making their signature dishes and getting to serve the food that we cook. But I think we would be focusing more on waiting on guests.


*Photos are from the first Apprenticeship session in June. 

aRWSome Apprenticeship, a partnership initiative between RWS and Heartware Network, aims to reach out to and inspire youths at risk to aim for their dreams, through mentorship programmes with RWS senior staff members. Wondering what other Apprenticeship tracks there are? Find out more on our website.

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