Emma Bengtsson Brings Nordic Cuisine to Art at Curate 2018 Series 9

Now into its third year, Art at Curate continues in 2018 with four editions in January, April, August and November.

What is Art at Curate?

Art at Curate is a quarterly pop-up dining series where visiting Michelin-starred chefs from around the world showcase their culinary creations at CURATE – Asia’s first Michelin chef showcase restaurant – for a limited time only. Find out more here.

2018 Series

To stir things up, Art at Curate this year will be based around ‘four hands’. Each visiting Michelin chef will collaborate with CURATE’s Chef de Cuisine Benjamin Halat to present exclusive ‘four hands’ lunch and dinner menus, while leading wine critic Robert Parker Jr. will join hands with other renowned connoisseurs for the menus’ fine wine pairings.

Flagging off Art at Curate 2018 from 12 to 18 January 2018 is Chef Emma Bengtsson from New York’s Two Michelin-starred Aquavit.

Introducing Emma Bengtsson

Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Emma Bengtsson is the second female chef in the United States to run a 2 Michelin Stars kitchen, and the first ever Swedish female chef to do so.
Credits: Signe Birck

If Chef Emma Bengtsson looks familiar, you probably met her at The GREAT Food Festival (TGFF)’s Star Chef Arena in September 2017. The Swedish born chef returns to RWS this January with her style of modern Nordic cuisine – the same signature style that helped Aquavit achieve its 2 Michelin Stars shortly after she took on the role of Executive Chef.

Star-Studded Style: Modern & Flexible

Chef’s Bengtsson abides by the fundamental principles of modern Nordic cuisine, focusing on pure, straightforward flavours that marry progressive techniques with continuing traditions.

What makes her cooking stand out among other chefs from the Scandinavian region, however, is her culinary dexterity in infusing these principles with inspiration from her Swedish childhood and training as a pastry chef at many of Sweden’s highly acclaimed restaurants including Operakällaren, the award-winning historical restaurant in Stockholm’s Opera House.

Such flexibility allows Chef Bengtsson to draw her inspiration from virtually anything:

My surroundings usually inspire my dishes – people in my life, nature, art and the seasons – anything and everything can spark an idea for a dish.

Innovative Dishes You Can Expect

This has resulted in innovative dishes that she brings to the table, and which you can dine on at Art at Curate 2018 Series 9 here in Singapore.

Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Foie Gras Ice Cream with Blackberries and Birch Syrup
Credit: Signe Birck
Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Mangalitsa Pork Collar with Celeriac and Apple
Credit: Signe Birck
Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Gravlax and Sea Urchin
Credit: Signe Birck

Chef Halat’s inventive interpretation of German cuisine makes up the other half of the ‘four hands’ collaboration with dishes such as:

Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Soufflated Farm Egg with Truffle ‘Caviar’ and potato cream
Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Aged Duck Breast with Red Cabbage and Brioche Dumpling
Art at Curate 2018 Series 9
Pear Helene with Vanilla and Chocolate


Art at Curate 2018 Series 9 Featuring Emma Bengtsson
12 to 18 January 2018

  • 4-Course Lunch Menu at S$88++
  • 4-Course Lunch Menu with Wine Pairing at S$138++
  • 8-Course Dinner Menu at S$155++
  • 8-Course Dinner Menu with Wine Pairing at S$275++
  • Reservations are strictly required

members enjoy 10% off lunch and dinner menus, plus 3% rebate.


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