Adventures along the Adventure River

Nestled within the Adventure Cove Waterpark is a 620-metre long lazy river suited for Indiana Jones wannabes.

Boasting 14 zones, it’ll take you on a journey into a surreal world where mythical creatures are the norm. And it’s a perfect excuse to escape from that scary water ride your friends are trying to get you on.

We grabbed a tube for a 20-minute chill ride on the Adventure River, and returned with a nice, even tan and totally in love with this river.

So here goes: the top five (in no particular order) must-see zones of the Adventure River.


Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure River

The first creature you will encounter is the friendly puffer fish. Four of them stand on either side of the river bank preparing to shower you with their idea of a welcome gift – by squirting water on you. If you aren’t drenched yet, you will be once you pass them by.


Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure River

This is our favourite part of the river. No other reasons are needed when you’ve got waterfalls, Chinese Zodiac animals and a café surrounding you.

As you enter the grotto’s mouth, which is in the form of a whale’s mouth, be prepared to be swallowed by brooding darkness. It’s nothing creepy or menacing of course, but look up and you can see bats having their shuteye, with mystical notes playing in the one of the biggest zones of the river.

You can choose to exit here for a quick snack at Café Grotto at the second level or hunt for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals sculptured on the rocks.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure River

Here’s the ox. Can you find the rest?

Squid Bridge

Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure River

As you float on by, one bridge will definitely catch your attention. Flanked by four huge squids, the aptly named Squid Bridge also features four overturned three-headed turtles wearing gleeful expressions. We’re not sure why they look deliriously happy. Glad to see us perhaps?

Royal Whirlpool

Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure River

From a peaceful bridge, we cross over to a bumpy whirlpool. Don’t panic just yet, our whirlpool will not drain you away, just a little spin to send you on your way to the next destination. Sticking to the marine life theme, this zone is manned by eight octopuses that squirt and swirl the water that will send you on your way.

Stingray Bay

Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure River

Home of the amiable stingrays, the Stingray Bay is one of the most elaborate structures of the River: an underwater tunnel that will transport you to the underwater world in a heartbeat. Look around and you can admire a sea of marine life swimming above and around you.

With the Ray Bay just round the corner, this is the perfect place to get up close and personal with the stingrays too. Try your hand at feeding or petting them, they provide really good company.

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