Adventure Cove Waterpark: where the water’s full of life

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Take high-speed water slides, drift on a lazy river, snorkel with 20,000 tropical fish, wade amongst rays and even come face-to-face with sharks. Adventure Cove Waterpark (ACW) combines fun and learning, thrilling slides and marine encounters, in one place.

Thrilling water slides

Part of Resorts World Sentosa‘s stable of attractions, Adventure Cove Waterpark is perhaps best known for its mix of thrilling water slides and rides.

Take the Riptide Rocket hydro-magnetic coaster for instance – a ride that combines climbs, drops, twists and turns, it is just a like a roller coaster on water.

If pure speed is your thing, try challenging your friends down the Dueling Racer. Or hop onto the other spiral water rides for a less competitive, but no less fun, whirl.

These might be ACW’s main draws, but there’s certain more life in ACW than young folks frolicking in the sun (and other hidden gems).

Up-close encounters


Perhaps the more unique thing to do at ACW is to snorkel at the Rainbow Reef and get really close to 20,000 fish.

Even beginners who haven’t snorkelled before can try this – though people who can’t swim might find it a little intimidating, and putting on the mask could get a little getting used to. Fishes will be swimming above, below and all around you – an amazing experience for most modern city-dwellers.

ACW also boasts of various Ultimate Marine Encounters, a choice of programmes that gets you up-close with some of the most majestic creatures of the sea. From feeding rays as they swim around you and walking on the ‘seabed’ in an astronaut-like gear to diving with sharks with the Shark Dive. Each programme provides a unique learning experience in a safe environment.

Family activities

Adventure Cove Waterpark party

Groups with children need not avoid ACW altogether. The Ray Bay, for example, can be experienced by 5-year-olds who are above 107cm.

Beyond that, there are activities within ACW that caters for the younger groups. Soak and take on the waves in the safety of the Bluewater Bay wave pool, take a float down the Adventure River and its 14 colourful scenes, or cool off with giant buckets of water at the Big Bucket Treehouse. There’s even an area sized for tots.


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