Tips to win Adventure Cove Waterpark Scavenger Hunt

How do you make a great team building programme?

Add water to fun, sprinkle a little friendly competition and fold in a heap of team work. Bake it under the sun for 2.5 hour and you’ll get the Adventure Cove Waterpark Scavenger Hunt.

In the programme, groups complete missions and gain points. The group with the most points win and get a winner’s certificate.

Open to a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200, the Scavenger Hunt is priced at $68 per person. Besides facilitation by ACW game masters, the programme includes:

– One-Day Pass to Adventure Cove Waterpark (worth $38)
– A $10 meal voucher for use at Bay Restaurant or food carts in Adventure Cove Waterpark
– An Adventure Express Pass for one-time use at Riptide Rocket and Rainbow Reef (worth $10 and above)
– A 6R group photograph per participant with Adventure Cove Waterpark Photo Sleeve (worth $25)
– Certificates for the members of the winning team

If you want to ace this Scavenger Hunt programme, these are five things you need to do:


1. Be prepared–come dressed for the occasion

Wear swimwear and non-slip sandals for the Scavenger Hunt. You’ll be heading into the water and running all over the Waterpark to complete missions. Going around barefoot isn’t ideal and you’ll have to take off your footwear often.

The sun can be unforgiving so bring sunblock and sunglasses. (You might need to take off your sunglasses for some of the rides.)

You can keep your other belongings in lockers so you won’t be weighed down by them.

adventure cove waterpark scavenger hunt

2. Learn the rules

While you may be itching to zip off on the Scavenger Hunt, there’s a briefing at the Games HQ located above Ray Bay Restaurant. The game masters will explain the rules of the game and the tools you’ll need.

Take note of who your game master is so you can head back to them during the game to record your team’s score.

When you pick a new Mission Card but you’re unsure of the instructions, drill the game masters before you leave for the mission so that you don’t waste your time looking for the wrong answers.

adventure cove waterpark scavenger hunt

3. Be ready to forfeit your mission

There are 15 missions. Ten missions are the easier Search or Snap Quests at 10 points, while the other five are the more difficult Adventure Quests which are worth 20 points each.

The Mission Cards are laid out facing down so you can’t see which they are. You can only pick one Mission Card each time.

When a mission proves to be too hard, don’t be afraid to forfeit and move on. However you cannot return to the forfeited mission so count your points wisely.

adventure cove waterpark scavenger hunt adventure cove waterpark scavenger hunt

4. Plan your time–You only have 90 minutes

You only have 90 minutes for the Scavenger Hunt. Plan your missions carefully. At the end of the game, for each minute your team is late, marks will be deducted from your score.

You might want to learn the layout of the Waterpark even before arriving so you know where to head to. (Here’s the map.)

P.S. Some attractions such as Rainbow Reef have a briefing before you head in so you might want to skip those missions.

adventure cove waterpark scavenger hunt

5. Break up, but stay close

Team work is crucial for all game. Often times, you’ll need to split up to find answers to the clues. Once you’ve found the answer, holler to your group mates to take photo evidence.

For other games, you’ll need to take a photo with the majority of the team so be sure to keep everyone around.

When your team has completed a mission, only one person needs to return to the Games HQ to give the correct answer. The rest of you can wait at a designated area so not everyone has to walk up the stairs multiple times.

adventure cove waterpark scavenger hunt

More information about Adventure Cove Waterpark Scavenger Hunt:

Who’s the programme for?

  • Companies, schools, committees looking for team building activities ;
  • Friends who just want to gather to have fun.

How much is it? How many participants are required for the programme?

$68 nett per person. A minimum of 20 guests is required to start. The maximum number of guests for Scavenger Hunt is 200.

How many sessions are there in a day?

There are two sessions daily at 9:30am and 1:30pm. Each session is 150 minutes long, including briefing, debriefing and 90 minutes of game play.

Can we stay in Adventure Cove Waterpark after the programme?

Yes, admission to ACW is included in the package so you can enjoy the attractions after the end.

Contact our MICE Team at +65 6577 9977 to sign up today.

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