NANTA (Cookin’) at RWS: Activate your 5 senses

Something’s brewing in the kitchen… it’s NANTA (Cookin’)!

Nanta Cookin 2016 Singapore

South Korea’s longest running (19 years since its first show) non-verbal comedy show will be playing on stage at Resorts World Theatre from 3 to 5 June 2016.

It is a comic musical non-verbal performance derived inspired by the traditional Korean instrumental performance, “Samulnori.” With the kitchen as its backdrop, chefs as its main characters, knives and other kitchen utensils are transformed into musical instruments as they thrill the audience with acrobatic cooking moves to prepare for a surprise wedding ceremony.

They’re here to tickle your five senses:

1. Touch

Lucky audiences will be chosen to join the cast on stage. This is the perfect opportunity to play with food and make the place as dirty as you want, without having to clean up afterwards.

nanta cookin 2016 drums

2. Sound

Traditional Korean Samul nori music is improvised using kitchen utensils to create an upbeat and energising musical performance. Language barriers are also absent as rhythms produced by cutting boards and kitchen knives along with dramatic expressions are more than sufficient for you to understand the plot.

3. Smell

The savoury aroma of actual stir-fried vegetables and meat will whet your appetite. You can start thinking of what’s for supper (check out Insadong Korea Town)  after the show.

4. Sight

Strong flames and flying vegetables are a common sight during the 90 minutes performance. Expect also to feast your eyes on magic tricks and acrobatics in this kitchen.

5. Taste

And if you are lucky, you may get to taste the dishes cooked during the show. Only if you dare.


Who’s who in NANTA (Cookin’)

In the show, you’ll find five characters – the Manager, Head Chef, Hot Sauce, Sexy Guy and Nephew.

nanta manager Manager

A snappy and picky manager

The Manager keeps pushing the chefs to prepare the dishes on time for a 6 o’ clock wedding party. The Manager brings his Nephew to the kitchen to help with the preparations and assigns chaotic tasks for the chefs to complete.

nanta head chef Head Chef

A timid leader

The Head Chef is a compassionate person but yells at the other chefs on occasions. During the chopping board scene, the Head Chef will showcase his fantastic knife skills to the audience!

nanta hot sauce Hot Sauce

One and only independent woman in the kitchen

She is very skilled, but sometimes grumpy and irritable. Hot Sauce and Sexy Guy are a lovely couple, but the Nephew continuously bothers them which gets on her nerves.

nanta sexy guy Sexy Guy

Tough guy with big muscles

Sexy Guy showcases powerful movements like Kung Fu, sharpening knives, slaughtering actions and many more. With his sexiness, he earns Hot Sauce’s and wins her heart.

nanta nephew Nephew

Trouble maker of the kitchen

The Manager brings Nephew to the kitchen to help out with the preparations. However, he is way out of sorts and messes up the kitchen atmosphere. Nonetheless, he still plays an important role in the end when making the wedding cake.



NANTA (Cookin’) 2016

Date: 3 – 5 June 2016
Time: Fri: 8pm, Sat: 2pm & 8pm, Sun: 2pm
Venue: Resorts World Theatre
Price*: S$48, S$68, S$98, S$118, S$138

Get your tickets at SISTIC or Resorts World Theatre.

*Prices exclude SISTIC booking fee and handling charges. Terms and Conditions apply.


This blogpost was originally published in June 2014. It has been updated to reflect the 2016 show dates.

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