Abby Cadabby & Cookie Monster at Universal Studios Singapore!

On 25 June 2018, we had the pleasure of having Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster at Universal Studios Singapore to for an exclusive meet and greet with our Annual/Season Pass holders. We caught up with our furry friends before the event took place at Pantages Hollywood Theater, and here’s what they had to say about their visit.

Hi Abby and Cookie Monster, welcome to Singapore! Is this your first time in Southeast Asia?

Abby: Yes, it is my very first time!

Cookie Monster: Ya, this me first time here! Me hear that there terrific food here, and me excited to experience a whole new type of yummy yummy yummy food.

Elmo visited us last year. What did he share with you about his experience here in Singapore?

Abby: He said how friendly everybody was and how they’re so, so nice! He said the food was really yummy and he told me about the ‘bubble tea’ which I can’t wait to have one.

Cookie Monster: He told me to try the ‘Chilli Crab’. Me hear that delicious!

What brings you here all the way from Sesame Street?

Abby: Well, Elmo’s glowing review of course! He said that we would learn all about people and all the cool things that make us all unique and all the same at the same time.

Cookie Monster: Over the years, me had many profound thoughts about cookies and other things. Some philosophical, some inspirational. And me want to share them with the world! That’s why me here in Singapore.

Abby, what’s one thing you like to do with your magical powers?

Abby: You know, I don’t use it as much when I’m with my friends because my mommy told me that the most powerful magic doesn’t come from a wand, it comes from your heart. So I kinda put my wand at the side and maybe once in a while I’ll make some popcorn!

Cookie Monster, what’s your favourite cookie flavour?

Cookie Monster: Chocolate chippy – it classic.

Thank you, Abby and Cookie Monster!

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