A Race Like No Other

[by Jimmy S – amateur runner and inline ‘speed’ skater – who’s always looking for more speed]
Team RWS took part in the race too!
The first Sunday on December has become synonymous with the day for runners to meet and run. This year’s inaugural Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) on Dec 5, 2010 – previously known as Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – is one such Sunday.
However, this time round, change is in the air – the race format is slightly different. After capping out at 50,000 runners last year, the organisers realised that they’ll need to re-strategise if they intend to increase the max number of participants. And increase they did – to 60,000 this year – with all three categories: 10km, 21km and the marathon 42.195km, starting at three different locations.
I signed up for the 21km and was really excited for the race – because for the first time ever, it runs through Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore! That was until I was floored with a sprained ankle 3 weeks before the race.

Well, since I couldn’t run and I was at the Padang (not because I need to be there for work, uh-huh no-sir-ree, definitely not that *ahem*), I spent some time checking out the sights – one thing I seldom do in previous races because I just wanted to get home, out of the damp clothes, shower and sleep.

So here are some shots of the day: usual things, fun stuff and things-that-made-me-go-WHAT?

In Universal Studios Singapore:
Alex the Lion: It’s time to dance!
Po the Panda: You wanna get something to eat? A banana?
BananaMan: Hey, stop looking at me; I’m not your food!
Runners pounding seriously through New York zone…
… while others stopped for photos with Shrek and Princess Fiona
At the Padang:

Cheerleaders, bringing it on!
Hugobelix and Ass‘T’Erix
Gotta love Ben & Jerry’s… ice cream
Not unusual – major cramps after the final sprint
Winner of the Full Marathon – Men’s Open as he blazed past the final stretch
Running is for everyone – unless you are injured. Whether you are running to achieve a personal goal, to prove a point, to lose weight or are just swept up in the wave of running euphoria, at the starting line, there’s just you and the distance to the finishing line. And it’s all about taking one more step.
See you at next year’s race, alright? Who knows, maybe StanChart will be coming back to Universal Studios Singapore in 2011. And I’ll finally get a chance to run through it. And you could too.

For more photos, check out RWS facebook photo album.

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