[NEWS] An RWS Invites Durian Extravaganza

 RWS Invites Durian Extravaganza

Durian lovers might disagree about how to best enjoy a durian. For example, some love to wash it down with a can of beer, despite the myths about the fatality of mixing alcohol with the fruit. But I’m sure we can all agree that durian-eating is a communal affair.

Come July 27, a  Durian Extravaganza at the Coliseum (at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore) will pay homage to the humble practice of eating durians with family and friends. There will be three tonnes (yes, 3,000 kilograms) of over six different varieties, from Jin Feng (Golden Phoenix) to the famed Mao Shan Wang. And it won’t be any old sit down; enjoy your durians – and other fruits – in a setting that’s reminiscent of the good old kampong days, with rustic thatched roofs, wooden benches, and ambient lighting.

We’ll take a look at some of the durians you’ll be feasting on that evening.

D13 – the mild one

One of the milder durians, it was one of the first durians I had as a kid. A dark shade of orange, it’s sweet and non-threatening on the taste buds. If you’re a first-time durian eater or if you want to introduce it to an apprehensive foreigner, the D13 is the best way to cut your durian-eating teeth.

D24 – the rich man’s choice

If you like bitter chocolates, you  will probably like the D24. Known for its creamy texture, dark yellow flesh and bittersweet taste, it used to be so low in supply that in the past, only the Malay Sultans get to eat them – at least, that’s what we’ve heard. But there’s no denying that this durian is in high demand and hence, high in price too. For this reason it is also fondly called the “rich man’s durian”.

Mao Shan Wang – the small seed one

Mao Shan Wang at the Durian Extravaganza at RWS

This is our favourite here at RWScoop. Often spoken about with tones of reverence, the Mao Shan Wang has got to be one of the most coveted of the king of fruits. Literally translated as “Cat mountain king” and also known as Butter Durian and Raja Kunyit, it’s well-loved for its creamy texture, the bitter taste at the beginning and sweet ending, and small seeds – which means more flesh to eat!

Jin Feng – the runny one

The Jin Feng or Golden Phoenix is fleshy and considerably less fibrous than most durians, lending a runny texture to the fruit. It is slightly bitter and is usually sought after for its premium taste at fairly reasonable prices.

In the spirit of kampong togetherness, the Durian Extravaganza also has a delectable spread of tropical fruits like mangosteens, rambutans, jackfruits, duku langsats and sugarcanes – for your friends who aren’t fans of durian. So mark July 27 on your calendar and keep your tummies spacious and ready for a kingly feast.


 Date: 27 July 2012, Friday
Time: 7pm – 9pm or 9pm – 11pm
Venue: Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

RWS Invites members: $48 for adults and $25 for children*

Non-members: $60 for adults and $35 for children*

*children aged 12 and below

To reserve your tickets, visit the website here. For enquiries, please call +65 6577 9788 or email rwsinvites@rwsentosa.com

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