Go on A Chocolate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

Hear one, hear all! If you love chocolate, then you are in for a treat.

From now till 11 June 2017, you’ll get to go on A Chocolate Adventure. Visit the Chocolate Garden, eat marshmallows dipped into fondue fountains, and hunt for treats around the park. All guests to Universal Studios Singapore can take part; this new experience is available for all guests to the park.

A Chocolate Adventure - lighted trees

Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden is a new interactive experience where you’ll get to do a couple of things. It’s located at Soundstage 28, just behind the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

For a start, within you’ll find a Fondue Garden, with four different flavoured fountains where you can dip marshmallows (given at the park entry) into and do what we all do best – eat them. The flavours are dark chocolate, white chocolate, pandan, strawberry.

A Chocolate Adventure - Fondue
The dark chocolate fondue, one of four at the Fondue Garden.

Those with a creative flair can even decorate a giant lollipop and stick them into the Lollipop Land, a space for larger-than-life colourful candies.

A Chocolate Adventure - Lollipop Land
Lollipop Land

Kids should check out the Cocoa Hedge Maze, a mini maze where they can try to get lost in.

Kids looking to get more hands-on can sign up for the mini workshop for S$6 per person. They get to decorate cupcakes or cookies in a class led by one of our chefs. The finished cupcakes and cookies can be brought home, eaten or boxed up (if you fancy that, but don’t keep them too long).

A Chocolate Adventure - workshop setting
Before the workshop. Chefs getting ready.

A Chocolate Adventure - workshop in progress

Characters such as Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, Candice Cupcake and Mama Cookie will also make an appearance, so look out for them for your wefie shots.

A Chocolate Adventure - Characters
Mama Cookie, Candice Cupcake, Cookie Monster and the Chocolate Man. Children not included.

A Chocolate Adventure - event timings
Timings. A theme park guest’s best friend.

Hunt the Chocolate Man

Look for the Chocolate Man, who wears the badge below, and he’ll bestow you with a prize. It can be a retail voucher to a new Universal Studios Singapore admission ticket. It’s random, so pray to your lucky stars.

A Chocolate Adventure - Chocolate Man

Chocolate Man
This is what you are ‘hunting’ for. When you see him… “Got you! You are the Choco Man!”

Chocolate-flavoured foods

From icy treats to fried chicken crisps with chocolate dips, you’ll get to indulge in all things chocolate at various park dining outlets. There are regular items you’ll recognise to rather unusual items that you probably haven’t had before. Chocolate la mian anyone?

If you really love your desserts, you should pick up the Sweet Tooth Package. It’s S$20 for any three dessert items on this Chocolate Adventure menu.



Price: S$138 for 2 adult one-day tickets to Universal Studios Singapore, with vouchers worth S$55.

Available: Till 28 May 2017.


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