7 Ways to be one of the Minions, at the Despicable Me Breakout Party

In a previous scoop, we recommended 7 things to do at Despicable Me Breakout Party, a Minion-themed event at Universal Studios Singapore until 20 August 2017 in celebration of Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 movie launch.

For the true Minion fan, we have something even better for you below: we show you 7 ways to live it up and become a Minion for a day. Be sure to mark them off your checklist when you’re here.


1. Dance like the Minions

Dance with the Minions at Rodney's Rotten Game Show
We all adored the talent show performance the Minions put up in Despicable Me 3 – although that was what landed them in jail. Now, you shouldn’t just spectate when they break out and put on a show at the Rodney’s Rotten Game Show. Join them and groove along even if you’re not on stage!

Rodney’s Rotten Game Show timings 12pm, 2:30pm, 5:30pm (Mon-Fri and Sun) 12pm, 2pm, 5:30pm (Saturday)


2. Eat like the Minions

anana Eating Competition
This is your chance to go bananas. As part of Rodney’s Rotten Game Show, some guests get a chance to participate in a banana eating competition. As the number one Minion fan, there’s no better person than you to show everyone how it’s done. Keep your eyes peeled and be quick to sign up when you spot the signboard above.

Banana Flavoured Soft Serve
Afterwards, head over to Pop-A-Nana for a whole range of extremely Instagram-able Minion-themed foods. Alongside the crowd-favourite Minion Chocolate Cupcake (S$6), the banana flavoured Minion Soft Serve (S$4) from last year’s Minion Food Adventure is back by popular demand.

Minion Cookies
New to the Minion menu this year are the Minion Cookies (S$5), Banana Swiss roll (S$8), Mini Churros served with Banana Chocolate Dip (S$8) and Banana Bingsu with Blueberry Sauce (S$10).

Grab these limited edition snacks while you can – Pop-A-Nana will only be available for the duration of the Breakout Party.


3. Take photos with your fellow Minions

Photos with the Minions
At the end of each Rodney’s Rotten Game Show, you’ll get to meet the Minions up close, and snap a photo together. Pro fan tip: come dressed in yellow and blue to really blend in (hardcore Minion fans, refer to #6 below).


4. Do like the Minions do (i.e. get ‘tattooed’)

Minion Tattoo Parlour
One of the most iconic scenes you’d remember from Despicable Me 3 is when the Minions got their body ink in jail. At the Despicable Me Breakout Party, you get to have temporary tattoos (two for $2) just like they did. The best part? Children under the age of 12 get it for free!


5. Have your personal Minion follow you around

Minion Popcorn Bucket
Aw, just take a moment to appreciate how cute this is. Head over to Pop-A-Nana or Minion Mart to get your limited edition Banana Flavoured Popcorn in an adorable Minion bucket (S$35 a bundle), and have your own personal Minion follow you around the entire day at Universal Studios Singapore.


6. Put yourself in the Minions’ shoes

Minion Mart
We mean this quite literally. With Minion slippers, t-shirts, goggles and more, you get to dress up from head to toe as a Minion. This one’s certainly for the truly hardcore Minion fans, but anyone who has a penchant for cute things will definitely be drawn in to Minion Mart at Hollywood Zone where all the Minion happenings are taking place.


7. Play with the Minions

Minion Games
Beat the Minions at their own game – and if you win, you get to take home a Minion plushie and other Minion-themed prizes! Game play vouchers cost S$5 (for one), S$10 (for three) and S$20 (for eight). Each game attempt requires a voucher.

The Despicable Me Breakout Party is included as part of the regular programming at Universal Studios Singapore from 15 June to 20 August 2017. All you’ll need is a regular admission ticket to the theme park.


Guests with tickets stubs from Despicable Me 3 movie get S$8 off adult one-day tickets, and a S$5 retail voucher (with minimum spend) when purchasing from our on-site Universal Studios Singapore ticket booths.

For Singapore residents only, buy online now at S$76 for a one-day adult ticket, S$5 retail voucher, S$5 dining voucher and 1 gameplay voucher. Till 31 July 2017.

 Members enjoy 3% rebate

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