7 discoveries this reviewer made about LightSeeker

LightSeeker, An RWS Musical is the Resort’s third original production. The musical, which runs till 23 March 2014, has been watched and reviewed by many since it opened on 28 Nov 2013.

Sorceress Usha from LightSeeker, An RWS Musical

Here, we draw out 5 discoveries William Kee (from The Star) made after watching LightSeeker.

#1  You like stunts and special effects? LightSeeker will light your fire.

#2  If you have an eight-year-old, or rather an inner eight-year-old, he/she/you will enjoy the musical.

#3  The music and melodies were “strangely monotonous” and did not leave a lasting impression.

#4  The CGI, effects and LED wall (backdrop) were awe-inspiring. And possibly “cost a lot of moolah”.

#5  From costumes to dialogue, some scenes reminded him of He-Man and Masters of the Universe.

#6  The evil sorceress Usha stole the scenes she was in. His favourite scene has Usha turning her pet snakes into human form.

#7  The acrobatics after intermission was impressive. A reason to be seated before the show resumes.

Curious? Get your tickets before 23 March.

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