[INSIGHTS] 6 ways to master a Master Chocolatier’s culinary demonstration

Chef Bruno Le Derf for Boulangerie at RWS

Can’t say no to chocolates? That was exactly what happened when chocolate enthusiasts convened at Boulangerie on May 10 for French chocolate maestro, Chef Bruno Le Derf’s culinary demonstration. Armed with the recipe book, pens and cameras, guests were treated to an hour of chocolate tips, tricks, and tantalizing smells, before sinking their teeth into some of the most delectable and sinful chocolate creations (we know, we sneaked a bite too).

Here, we’ve put together 6 simple things you can do to make the best of any cooking show-and-tell.

1)      Be early

Chef Bruno's demo at Boulangerie at RWS

Come early for the best seats in the house. Unlike school classes, where front row seats are seldom coveted, in a cooking class, you want the seat closest to the action. For a right handed chef, it is usually good to be somewhere to his left, so your view and photos are not blocked whenever he handles a knife. Coming in early also helps you get settled and prepare for what you need to do next.

2)      Observe

Chef Bruno Le Derf at Boulangerie at RWS

This works with #1; unless the action is displayed on a big screen, seating at the back may leave you squinting and scratching your head half the time. So, if you have trouble figuring out how to replicate those award-winning desserts, then better keep a sharp eye on the chef’s unique techniques and methods as he whips up his tantalizing desserts. As we don’t cook, it was an eye opener for us when Chef Bruno used a hot knife to make clean cuts on his chocolate creations.

3)      Listen

Taking notes at Chef Bruno's demo at Boulangerie at RWS

If you are seated far away, you may miss half of what’s being said, especially if the demonstration is held in a noisy location. Listen closely as the Chef might just slip in a tip or two on the best combinations of ingredients to make the perfect desert. The most valuable tip that Chef Bruno revealed was that white chocolate goes well with fruity ingredients as the natural sweetness of the fruits will balance out the acidity in the white chocolate.

4)      Eat, eat and eat somemore

Savouring Chef Bruno's delectable treats at Boulangerie at RWS

If you are offered a chance to try the creations, don’t be shy. It’s the best way to find out if you like the taste and ask the chef of ways to tweak it to your liking. If the food is self served though, remember to leave some for other participants too. Thankfully for this demonstration, Chef Bruno prepared more than enough chocolate goodness for all guests on the list.

5)      Take photos

Photo frenzy at the demo by Chef Bruno at Boulangerie at RWS

Don’t miss the chance to snap up photos of those yummy deserts and show it off to family and friends. But more importantly, these photos are good reference points when you are trying to make the same dish a few months later with nothing more than notes and memory to go by.

6)      Ask

getting tips from Chef Bruno at Boulangerie at RWS

Have a question? Either look for an appropriate time to pop it or if you are shy, approach the Chef after the class. He may yet reveal some of his best kept kitchen tricks and secrets.


For a limited time from May 11 to 31, Chef Bruno’s specially designed chocolate afternoon tea set comprising of Chocolate Brownies with Hazelnut and Orange, Coffee and Chocolate Financier, Pistache and Morello Cherry Macaron and bonbons in different flavours will be available at Boulangerie, Festive Hotel.

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