5 interesting carrot facts


The RWS Carrot Cause
Not all carrots like pizza. But some do.

You see them in stir-frys. In your soup. As snacks. But this seemingly inocuous vegetable root has some amazing properties. And they’re not all orange. We sniffed out some interesting carrot facts.

1.      They’re not all orange

Think of carrots and you’ll think of a rich reddish yellow hue. But there are also purple, white, and yellow varieties. Apparently, orange carrots weren’t even the first carrots around; they were mostly purple or yellow and they were smaller, spindly, and wiry. They were first domesticated and planted in Afghanistan about 5000 years ago; and that’s an estimate. The first orange carrot was created when yellow and purple carrots were cross pollinated, probably somewhere in the 16th century by the Dutch.

2.      You can get sugar out of them

The RWS Carrot Cause
If carrots were students in a class, they’d be the teacher’s pets for being so sweet.

Second only to beets, 1 kg of carrots can yield a broad estimate of almost 60 grams of sugar. But the processing is too complicated and costly for it to be commercially viable.

3.      Baby carrots aren’t actually babies

‘Baby carrots’ are all cut and shaped from bigger carrots. The first batch of baby carrots was created in California in the 1980s when a farmer had farmed an irregular shaped crop, which would have either gone to waste or only fetched a lower sum as animal feed. He decided to pare them down into smaller, evenly sized portions, and they were a hit. The first baby carrots were born.

4.      Carrots are better chopped up

According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you get more nutrients when you eat a carrot that is chopped up or pulped, rather than munching it in big chunks, due to the cellular nature of the carrot. 21% of nutrients are released when juiced. Cooking it increased the number to 27%.

But if you’re looking to milk it for its anti-cancer properties, then boil the carrot whole before slicing it –  that helps to retain the anti-cancer compound falcarino.

5.      The RWS Carrot Cause is happening… soon


In about 2 weeks, on 29 May. Time’s running out to do your part for charity while tucking into wholesome, hearty Italian fare. How it goes is that you reserve your seats here, go down to Palio at Hotel Michael, eat to your heart’s content, and simply pay the bill – proceeds will be donated to the charity that you choose from a list under Community Chest.

But here’s how you can make it sweeter – if all 98 seats are filled, your bill will be matched dollar for dollar. This means that if you spend $50, your charity of choice will receive $100.  So remember to grab your friends, family, and partner and spread the love.

You dangle the carrot, we act on your cause. For more information, visit rwsentosa.com/carrotcause, call 6577 6688 or email dining@rwsentosa.com.


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