Year of the Goat 2015: Fortune forecasts

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What will the Year of the Goat 2015 bring? Find out what’s in stored for your career, love and health.

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Luck: Your luck will be volatile this year. Watch your behaviour so you do not risk offending others. Look out for benefactors who can turn your bad streak around. It is a good year to advance your career, but not a good year for growing your money. Keep some money for emergencies and secure your home from burglars.

Relationships: An exceptionally good year for relationships; singles may even find their life partner.

Health: Though significantly better than previous year, care for the body is still of high importance. Due to the weather, you may get the flu often. Avoid working late nights. Ladies will find this a good year to conceive.


Luck: The Ox has the worst luck of all the Zodiac characters, as it is on the opposite of the Goat. Think carefully before making big decisions such as a career switch. And watch your temper so that it does not jeopardise working relationships. Be careful of your business investments and potential lawsuits. You are likely to spend more too, so control your ‘retail therapy’ this year.

Relationships: Unmarried couples will argue a lot, so practice patience and watch your words. It is also a good year for single female Oxen to get married.

Health: You may suffer from insomnia and flu, so get sufficient rest. Be careful on roads as you face a higher chance of getting into serious accidents. Older Oxen should be especially careful.



Luck: Good year for Tigers. Career looks good, with promotions and increments in sight, but stay modest. Be wary of false friends, be conservative with investments and have backup plans for unexpected market developments. Wealth prospects are mediocre and it will not be easy to accumulate wealth. Handle money issues systematically to avoid troubles with unclear terms.

Relationships: Couples will find that marriage is on the cards this year. Those already married will enjoy passionate love lives, but beware of third party attraction. Married couples can expect to conceive. However, female Tigers should not neglect their professional lives.

Health: Tigers will work extra hard this year, so poor dietary habits and inadequate rest will cause a higher risk for illness. Get active to keep fit and stay healthy. Be careful when outdoors to prevent serious accidents this year, and schedule a full medical examination to uncover illnesses that might not be showing any symptoms yet.


Luck: Watch out for backstabbers at work; be realistic, cautious and diligent. Not a good year to change jobs. Your fortune will be fickle. Do not expect surprise windfalls, be conservative in your investments and be wary of strike-rich plans. Spend wisely and within your means. Do not be too disappointed about the poor investment outlook.

Relationships: You will find yourself more irritable than usual. Control your temper to prevent conflicts and make compromise the golden rule in your relationships. Single male Rabbits will find it easier to develop romantic relationships. Beware of the people you meet from dating sites.

Health: Insomnia and headaches may happen as a result of overworking and failing to get adequate rest. Get a full medical examination to check your health status. Be careful on roads; elderly Rabbits should watch their steps while younger Rabbits should avoid dangerous sports.



Luck: Unstable luck this year. Modesty is the best way to avoid any obstacles at work. Do not be afraid of hard work this year, and you can expect a promotion soon. Don’t make impulsive investments and be careful not to get swindled. Wealth prospects are good and you may get a windfall, but as luck is fickle, do not over-indulge, as good luck can quickly turn bad.

Relationships: A good year for singles to find their partner. Married Dragons should avoid stubbornness and self-centredness, and avoid quarrelling over insignificant issues. Observe the ‘cohesive family’ ideal and interpersonal relationships will be smooth.

Health: Your immune system will be weaker, so be sure to seek early medical examination for ailments. Watch your diet and control your temper to prevent heart-related problems from the uncontrolled anger. Stay active and fit.



Luck: Not favourable. Though some of last year’s good luck will carry over, you will need to work hard to overcome the bad luck. Try the unbeaten path for a boost in your career. Students may get opportunities to study overseas. Be fully in charge of admin work to avoid lawsuits from someone else’s negligence. A transient year for fortune; buy charms to avert major damage to your wealth. Be wary of investing on friends’ advice.

Relationships: Little things will cause big confrontations; take the initiative to solve problems to avoid breakups. For singles, go with the flow of things – you will find someone eventually, if not this year.

Health: Not a good year for health. You will be particularly susceptible to gastrointestinal problems, so avoid spicy, raw or cold foods. Avoid dangerous sports, be vigilant on the roads and get any discomfort checked to rule out serious ailments.


Luck: Horses have the best luck of all the zodiac characters. Expect smooth sailing in your career and investments. Diligence at work will reward you with a promotion. Good year for investment – expect larger-than-expected profits, but you will still need to be prudent in spending.

Relationships: Good year for singles to get partners (but look for compatible personalities), engaged couples to get married and married couples to continue a fulfilling love life. Stay modest to continue your successful relationships.

Health: Very good health, but don’t overwork yourself. Don’t miss your meals, avoid raw foods and pick dishes with ‘lighter’ taste. Elderly Horses should watch out for relapses in chronic illnesses.


Luck: A hard year for Goats. You will face many obstacles at work, but it is not a good idea to change job. Focus on improving your knowledge and experience. Wealth prospects are not very bright – you will encounter many disputes over money, so live within your means, avoid lending money and don’t be a guarantor. Be careful entering partnerships with people you don’t really know.

Relationships: A stressful year will may cause couples to quarrel and weaken the relationship. For couples planning to get married, a compatible partner and an auspicious date are needed for a smooth future.

Health: Not too good in the health department, which coupled with the appearance of an unlucky star, means you should avoid dangerous places or activities, or risk a serious accident. People with gastrointestinal illnesses should get them checked if conditions worsen. Drivers and those who operate machinery must pay attention – don’t multitask.


Luck: A smooth and successful year for career and life. You’ll have a lot more drive, which if channelled to your career may lead to a promotion. Employees can expect generous salary increments while business owners will get invaluable help that will bring in profits. At the same time, your wealth is pretty transient, so spend carefully.

Relationships: You will receive a lot of romantic attention. Singles will be able to attract partners with their successes, while those considering marriage should settle down this year. Couples should be careful of undue attention and do not stray from their relationships.

Health: You may suffer from exhaustion and gastrointestinal-related illnesses, so get adequate rest, have a good diet and check foods for expiry dates. The risk of injuries from dangerous activities is also higher. Minimise your risk by donating blood.



Luck: Your career stagnates this year, and you’ll need to manage the frustration that arises so you do not snap at and offend colleagues. Wealth prospects are similarly poor. Conservative management of your wealth is the golden rule this year – invest conservatively and do not lend or be a guarantor.

Relationships: A good year for relationships, Roosters will receive romantic attention from others. Singles may want to develop an attractive personality to attract partners, while married couples should go on a holiday to spend some quality time together.

Health: Avoid uncooked and spicy foods. Those with children should child-proof their homes, keeping dangerous items out of reach and sight. Consider taking supplements to maintain your well-being. Remember, health is wealth.



Luck: You will have a difficult time with interpersonal relationships. Disagreements at work can become destructive, but the presence of a benefactor, likely a woman, will steer you through your problems. You can look forward to handsome increments and promotions, but also risk incurring big losses – be conservative in where you invest.

Relationships: Married couples should spend quality time with a holiday, and avoid quarrelling over trivial matters. Singles will be luckier in finding a partner.

Health: People with ongoing ailments should be especially wary. Schedule a full medical check-up for a health report and watch what you eat – avoid cold foods, eat cooked items and make sure they are clean. There’s a higher risk of injuries when operating a machine or driving; consider donating blood to minimise this risk.


Luck: Not a good year for you, as there are people scheming to hinder your career advancement. But if you persevere, benefactors may appear that may even lead to a new path. Your fortune is highly transient; put money aside for emergencies, even during months of profit. Invest only after extra consideration and watch your daily expenses.

Relationships: Good year for Pigs. Good time for singles to attend social events to meet their partner. Among couples, conflicts may happen but everything will resolve itself.

Health: You are prone to illnesses and injuries. Headaches and flu may be aplenty, but can be countered with a good diet and regular exercise. Avoid places known for crime, as apart from being mugged, you are likely to get injured in the process.

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