“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

[Written by Jimmy S from Projects]

It was said that good things come in small packages. And some say that they come in pairs. That’s definitely true for USS Sci-Fi City. Arguably one of the smaller zones in USS, Sci-Fi City currently boasts of two attractions – the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) and the Accelerator – due to be opened early 2010 (with another one planned to debut the year after). Not only that, the BSG are duelling coasters and currently the tallest pair in the world.

As a brand new attraction based around the TV series of the same name, the BSG dueling coasters claims many titles. It is the world’s tallest pair of dueling coasters. With both a red conventional coaster signifying the Humans and a blue suspended coaster signifying the Cylons, they will be a pair of the most thrilling rides in USS. With all the twists and turns of the tracks, my legs get all jelly-like just by looking at it. Well it will definitely be in my USS to-do list, that’s for sure! And please, you do not want to puke into the lagoon.

Night view of the BSG from across the USS lagoon

Now something less intimidating but possibly no less exciting is the Accelerator. Now with all the hype surrounding the BSG (after all, it is hard to ignore), we should not forget about the less well known little brother of the Sci-Fi City. Now, what is this Accelerator? As its name implies, it will accelerate you. But the fact is you’ll be accelerated to crazy, dizzying spins. Again, caution to those who cannot handle these, please do not consume food and drinks before hopping onto either this or the BSG.

The Accelerator – looking nice and spiffy – just inviting you to hop on.

For all you collectible junkies out there, don’t forget to visit the Galactica PX where you will get all forms of merchandise from the Battlestar Galactica universe as well as other science-fiction related accessories. Now as part of the conspiracy, there are NO F&B outlets in Sci-Fi zone, since I doubt the Operations people would be happy to clean up people’s puke on a daily basis. So, share some thoughts for the poor souls and please try not to ingest anything that you cannot keep down before taking those rides.

Now we are speeding into the finishing line, I can’t wait for the IR and specifically the park to open. I am eagerly planning getting onto all these rides and go nuts. As I am sure you are as well.

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